Once more into the . . . stink.

The party rushes the Chel warriors gathered around a gaming table, but the first attacks only serve to disfigure the table and ruin their card game. Finally Pelagius sinks an arrow into the chest of one Chel and the fight is on in earnest. The adventurers make short work of the trio of warriors but not before they manage to raise an alarm; one of two doors into the room swings open. Morgall is waiting and buries his axe into one of the warriors who rush out. After suffering a grave injury in the lead, the Half-Orc retreats, nursing his wounds in a side passage. Erdan bravely steps into the breech but falls beneath Chel swords. Finally Cinder and Pelagius’ deadly ranged attacks fell the last of the creatures. Cinder tends Erdan’s wounds while the party searches the chamber beyond. In a chest, they find some coins and jewelry, obviously stolen from the townspeople, along with a pair of potions; one Holy Water, the second labeled in an Elven script as a healing potion.

The adventurers retreat, carefully hauling the wounded Erdan back to safety. Palegius brings up the rear and spots a shadowy figure stalking the group. When he raises his bow to threaten it, the figure hisses at him.“Flee while you can, murderers. I will find you once my remaining kin are safely away from this hole. Sleep well until then.” “Bring friends, if you have any left.” is the cocksure rogue’s reply.

The party return to the Sheriff’s office to discover the previously captured Chel encased in a gibbet. They return the stolen loot to the thanks of Nikieus, who arranges for clerics to attend to the wounded and unconscious. After agreeing to re-explore the catacombs and find the remaining Chel, they retreat to a local inn to rest.

Angelus pays a visit to Jolly and Pelagius, laying out the history of the former Thieve’s Guild of Caedthwaite. Angelus claims that somewhere in the ancient ruins in the sewer is the sealed tomb of dozens of thieves who so angered the ancient King Abraxas that he had them sealed – along with the gains of their thieving – in their underground hall. Sealed in to starve – or be eaten, as the mad king deposited barrels full of hungry rats as well.

Returning to the sewer the next day, the party carefully explores the rest of the catacombs and finds them deserted. Pelagius discovers and disarms several traps, identical to the one in the entrance hall. The Chel stripped the place of treasure while escaping, leaving only a strange tabard depicting an esoteric scene. A giant eye, perhaps a comet, streaks across the sky above a great mountain range. On the side of the largest mountain, which is encircled by a corona, five circles of stone are depicted. Erdan recognizes the scene as a known phenomenon in these parts, due to reoccur in a few weeks. It is a great omen to Elves and Orcs of the region.

Re-exploring the treasure room reveals a carefully concealed passage under the treasure chest. The party unseal the passage, opening it for the first time in decades, and descend into darkness.


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