Byland is a swords-and-sorcery game using the latest edition of Dungeons and Dragons. The players and GMs are all long-term role players, some having played D&D since 1st Edition, some who were barely out of diapers when 2nd Edition hit the shelves. We have been having the time of our lives recently with Fate Core, Dungeon World, 13th Age and others, but are nonetheless excited to get back to our roots with some D&D Next.

Although only time will tell, the game itself was conceived not as a grand campaign but more as an experiment, a proof-of-concept, a chance to get our feet wet with the new rules system. All of us are interested in an ‘old school’ approach to adventure and campaign design and character creation and play. Nostalgia can be a trap, we know, but the best treasure is always protected by traps . . .

Here is the first session’s write-up: Wherein we make up a game


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